The first week of Feburary

The main topic of interest so far this month is the crazy weather. There has been nice relatively warm days and then freezing rain then clear, now snow.

  this picture is from the window of my room this morning 9:00 and by 3:30 it looked like this

this is what it was like on Wednesday, what a change.

I think I am ready to take the motorhome out for a trip, I almost took the cover off yesterday now with this snow I am glad I didn’t. The other thing that has been on many people’s minds is the proposal to change all the street numbers to names and to also change the house numbers.

I am still getting quite a few free books for my Kindle I sure enjoy having it and reading the books on it ,with the cover it is just like holding a book and the screen is just like reading off of paper. You can tell I really like the Kindle. I am hoping for a quiet relaxing day today. We went out to the flea Market yesterday but didn’t see anything interesting maybe it is not the season yet. Beleave it or not we stopped at the Tim Hortons on the way home and got some bagles. The next couple of weeks look like they are going to be a little busier so it may make for more interesting writing or reading

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