thoughts and sayings

opinions may very

Eventually could be now

you are not controlled by your circumstances but by your attitude towards your circumstances

Life is all about choices, choose to do what you like

do what you like, like what you do

don’t plan your life , live your life

Know where you are going,  maybe you are already there

what ever “it ” is there is probably more than one right way of doing it

no one is indispensable

simple solutions seldom are

know the difference between important and urgent ,not everything urgent is important and not everything important is urgent

take the path less traveled

If there is money left when I go I miscalculated

all who wander are not lost

will work for food will beg for sex

sometimes my mind wanders ,sometimes it leaves completely,sometimes it brings back souvenirs

if you are going to laugh about it in ten years  you may as well laugh about it now

Laugh at yourself everyone else is

in spite of the high cost of living most people want to

it is less important where you are going and more important who is going with you

the most important thing to take on a trip is a traveling companion

Relax and enjoy what you have

there are no stupid questions only stupid answers, well sometimes stupid people

sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you get what you deserve ,sometimes you don’t get what you deserve

you are getting old when you have more memories than plans , I have a lot of plans

Make up the rules as you go along

Nothing is written in stone except your headstone

don’t get disappointed lower your expectations

Don’t go to bed angry stay up and plot your revenge

I may be getting older but I am not getting Old

you have to get older but you don’t have to grow up

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