Time to move forward

Here it is the beginning of February. I have spent quite some time and energy thinking and posting about the street numbering situation and now it is time not to stop thinking about it but to move on to other things that really are of more importance to me personally. as you can see spring is not quite here yet but at least we don’t have the snow that the people in the east have.  Here is a picture I took of the yard just now.002

It is not as warm as I would like but the weather person says it is going to warm up for the weekend.

There are a number of things lately that have made me think about the past 5 years and the wonderful life I have. When things seem to be difficult or when I have disappointments I think about other people I know or hear about who have all kinds of problems and I am thankful  that I have my life. I have the most wonderful, beautiful wife who does so much to show her love for me. In just over a month we will have been married for 5 years I think we should have a party to celebrate. Then it will be spring break and time for a holiday. I really think it was excellent planning on our part to get married during spring break that way we can have a honeymoon  at that time every year.

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