just some idle thoughts

Don’t you just love that picture at the top of the page ? (rhetorical question) I do, I can look at that picture and think about driving down that road in my motorhome  Right now I really wish I was there or somewhere like there . As much as I think snow is beautiful it has its place and its time and where I am right now is neither . It belongs on ski hills and mountains not in my back yard or my front road for that matter. I don’t even know the name of my road anymore I think I will take a petition around to get an even more ridicules name, maybe that would be a good name “Ridicules Road”. Some days when I look at that picture I am in a happy place and  I think of driving the MG at top speed down the road and sliding around the corner in a cloud of dust. Other times I think of how I would drive the motorhome down the road and the tree branches would rip a whole in my roof.(those are not my best days) .We went out to visit for lunch today and I was reminded how much I love Debbie she is so good for me, she really keeps me from being sad and getting down. I am still really wanting to go away in the motorhome and dragging the MG along behind not that we need it just for the fun of pulling it. I am determined to use both of them more this year. We got a lot of use from the motorhome last year but hardly had the MG out of the garage. The snow that we got on Sunday is leaving very fast so maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures of the yard back to normal but for now I am going out to sit in the hot tub and then watch a movie. This is so sick this is feb. 6 last year

and this is yesterday feb 6

That’s it I am going to the hot tub with a glass of wine

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