I am still here

I haven’t done much on this blog lately it seems I have lost interest in posting for other people to read . I have been sprnding my time instead writing in my journal instead. I have for years written in a journal thinking that maybe I will become famous and someone will want to recount my life,not really I just like to keep track of what I have done and then several years later read what I have written. Often what I am doing is the same from year to year not that there is anything wrong with that just interesting sometimes I get to go back and remember an event. This past summer has been different weather wise from most perhaps it is going to be the new normal. It was a mixture of hot and cool and dry and wet all summer. A difficult year for grape growers and wine makers. I had a couple of motorcycle trips planned but on the first my plan changed. My trip was a 3 day trip followed 2 weeks later by a 10 day trip.The first was sort of a shake down trip to see if everything was working the way I wanted.  Unfortunatly on the first day of the first trip a deer jumped out in front of me causing me to swerve and crash. I managed to limp the bike home the next day after patching it up but my sholder was badly hurt but fortunatly not broken. The Insurance company decided it would cost too much to fix the bike so it was towed away. that was the end of my motorcycle riding for this year. it is over 2 months ago and my sholder is almost back to normal , at least it doesnt hurt all the time only if I try lifting something heavy or twist the wrong way. I have been looking on line for another motorcycle and I think I have narrowed down what I want. I have always had a “cruiser style” motorcycle and fairly large ones but now I am looking at smaller adventure style motorcycles. I think this will be easier to handle and cheeper to opperate. I am not in a rush to get one yet as I probably won’t be able to ride again till spring. This is probably going to be the winter that I could ride all winter. The rest of my life just seems to be chugging along. I have finnished work for the season at the winery. I worked less this past season and If I think I can afford to I will work even less next year. I keep joking that I only want to work enough to get my staff discount, but I also like the cash. My time as Fire Chief is always interesting, fun, and challenging. I really enjoy that part of my life. that is enough for now ,I will try to keep more up to date here as well as my journal. Continue reading

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times to reflect

thre are times in the year when I think too deeply about my life . This is one of those times when I think .What have I accomplished, have I done anything worth remembering , what am I doing right now and what do I plan to do in the near or distant future? is there a point in what i am doing, can I run away and would anyone notice and look for me? I wonder if I could get a job as a light house keeper

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The end of May

This month we celebrate our second full year in our house. There have been lots of changes made and lots still to do. we havent done a lot on the inside but have done a lot in the yard trying to bring it back to the way it was 20 years ago when it was really great we have taken out trees and planted new ones cleaned years of undergrowth out and repaired rock walls and there is still a tone to do. the next big job is resurfacing the pool which will start as soon as I get back from the Fire Chiefs convention which is at an inconvient time for me right now as I would like to be working on this project . We just got a new gas range and are waiting to get it hooked up .

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A special weekend

This was a weekend to celebrate .

13 years together


enjoy the last of the snow


Now it is time for the first campfire of the season Hot dogs and wine


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This weather is crazy and it is driving me crazy as well . this is the worst winter I have experienced since I moved here in 1990. we often get snow in February but it usually goes away in a day this year we have had snow on the ground the whole month of feb and now almost the middle of march . here are pictures from March 7/2019


1week to spring break it may turn out to be another winter break. this would have looked better at Christmas

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Happy new month

Here it is the beginning of a new month. I was checking back to previous years to see what the weather was like and over time it has been mixed. This year we have snow and it is cold. We have had snow on the ground all of February and on the 28th it snowed again here is a picture of the yard on the 1st of march.

Today the fire dept. had a big funeral for one of our members it was a very emotional time for us all. Lots of work and stress getting things organized. Now I am looking forward to spring break in 2 weeks I just hope it warms up enough so that I can get out for a motorcycle ride

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Middle of February

Here it is the middle of the month and we are really having winter. We often get snow but it seldom  stays more than a day or two, but this year it has stayed for over a week. In Dec. we didn’t have snow and in Jan. only a small amount then the in Feb winter hit us hard with -20c for several days, it hasn’t been above 0 all month this is not what I enjoy.  20181226_114241




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The end of January

The month has gone by very quickly with lots of various activities. I was officially appointed back as Fire Chief for another 5 years.


the weather has been very strange for most of the month there has been no snow and not really cold ,just hanging around 0 or slightly above and at night dropping just below. Jan 22 we got the snow that we hadn’t had all winter and this time it was heavy wet sticky snow not our usual dry powder. The result of heavy wet snow broken branches fortunately there was no serious damage .

this was in the middle of January 2019



this was taken a couple of days later, what a change!



this is the result of heavy wet snow fortunately there was no serious damage  except to the branches.


Now we are into the month of February and I am looking forward to spring when I can get out on my motorcycle. This is the first time since I started riding a motorcycle again that I havent had it insured all year. In the past I have made a point of riding every month of the year even if it was just arround the block just so I could say I had ridden all year round. this year I decided that I didn’t really have to prove anything and would save several hundred dollars by not insuring the bike when I wasn’t going to ride it so now it is tucked away in the container waiting for spring and I am just dreaming of riding. My stock of wine is almost depleted  although we did go for a tasting last weekend and bought 6 bottles home. I need to go to the winery I usually work at to see about my summer schedule to make sure I get some work and some days off. last year I didn’t work at the winery much but I intend to work 3 or 4 days a week this year.

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The start of a new year

Here it is the 3rd day of January. The year has started off with a bang, 2am on jan.1 I got a fire call a vehicle on fire, so much for a quiet new years.


The rest of the week has been great, not too quiet so I get bored but not too busy so I am frantic. The snow is still here but most of the roads are clear and dry except for ours which is icy. The snow which came Dec26 is slowly evaporating so it is not too messy yet we will hope it continues that way. The holiday time has given us lots of reasons to enjoy some of the very fine wines we have accumulated it has been an enjoyable holliday that is almost over next week is back to our normal routine

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It’s looking like winter

It is almost the end of December the close of a year that has been very busy. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do this year but just didn’t get them done, the big one was a motorcycle trip I planned but didn’t get to accomplish. I hope in the coming year I get it done. Now Christmas is over it has started to snow and it really looks like winter.


We are baby sitting a dog for a couple of months so now we have 2. they get along great and love to play in the snow together. the New dog is really an outside dog but enjoys coming in for a visit


Sasha our german shepherd playing with Jason the mastive, he really is big and makes Sasha look small. They are very happy dogs, we have to walk them separately because they just want to run and play when they are out together so we do play time and then walk times seperatly which doesn’t leave much time for the rest of our lives

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