Keeping busy

It seems like I am always up to something but I can’t remember what all I have been doing . I do know there has been lots of small jobs around the house that have been done then on the work front we have been super busy at the winery and are sold out of Melbec and almost out of both our Cab.Franc and our famous rose’. then there is the Fire dept that has been busy . The most fun call (if you can understand a fire call being fun)  was the river rescue that was successful and several of our guys got to go for a swim.  2 ladies were trapped on an island in the middle of the river which is way higher than normal and flowing very swiftly. The rescue went exactly as we practice and I was happy that I was able to be the officer in charge and that it went the way I wanted with a great outcome.

Since this is the motorcycle season we have unfortunately had to be called to several incidents one that did not have a good outcome . Because I ride a motorcycle I am always more aware on these types of calls . There are lots of happy things going on . The fire dept. did a big fund-raising car wash for another dept that lost their firehall in a wild-fire ,we raised a substantial amount and had a lot of fun. the summer has brought us some unexpected visitors.


life is good. I can’t remember when we have been as happy

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work is progressing

I have been busy building screens for the windows. The first step is to get the window open that has been painted shut with several coats of paint. This is a very time consuming job that requires hammering a small paint scraper into the space between the window frame and the window jam without cracking any 80 year old glass. so far I have made 10 screens and each one is a different size, some are very close in size others ate totally different. I managed to get this job done with very few mistakes and almost no waste. I am not really a carpenter so this is a great accomplishment for me. Meanwhile we had the excavator in to dig a test hole for the new septic system, that is the sewer system if you are not connected to a town system, we are very fortunate in that under the layer of top soil we have sand and light gravel which is the absolute best for drainage it is also very easy for the excavator to dig in so it goes quick which is good as I am paying by the hour. To celebrate all our accomplishments we are using the pool every day. The pool has a fence which will be replaced by a nice new vinyl one as soon as the contractor gets it installed. There is a lot of construction taking place in our little town so the contractors are not in a hurry to do small jobs. There are major forest fires all over the province but we have been lucky so far but it has continued to be hot and dry so we are very nervous. I took a couple of hours off today to go for a motorcycle ride just to unwind and get my mind off of everything else it was very refreshing unfortunately i has been so long that I forgot how to use my go pro so no pictures from that .

pool with the temporary fence IMG_8313

the yard before the excavator tests


during the test


after the test not looking too good but it will get better


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reality or perseption

I read that people only post good things especially on facebook. I would like to say that we have lots of hard times lots of issues with our new 80 year old house but the reality is we have never been happier ( well there were a few nights)  things in our lives are going better than our plans . For years we have talked about a style of house we both like but we never imagined that this year we would be living in this house. we have both driven past his house and have always said what a great yard now it is ours and we keep shaking our heads thinking is this real this yard this house and a pool we are so blessed. Do we have problems yes indead do we always agree not usually but we work it out and our reward for all the years of giving to others and sacrifice is that now we have our dream house and we do still have a ton of work to do on it but we are happy to be where we are

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Today’s project


We had a busy day on a project that needed to be done before we could put new flooring in the kitchen




this will not be the permanent table but it will be here till we get a new floor put in and then a new table. The cupboard between the fridge and stove will be changed to one on wheels that will pull out and a have a leaf at the back to make a larger counter , at least that is what the plan today. This is a heritage home and we want to have some modern convinces(dishwasher) but retain its true character. An amazing thing I know the grandson of the man who we think built the house, he built several houses in this area that are all somewhat similar and are from the same time  period and have all been kept to their original state. as a reward for our hard work .


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I thought I had put up a post last week but apparently it didn’t get put up and I can’t find it so I will try again. School is finished so I am not driving the school bus and am only working at the winery 3 days a week so that part of my life is great. there have been no major fires so my duty at the fire hall has been routine as well. On the home front we have had some challenges. We have spent a lot of time getting the pool up and running first there was a valve left open that I didn’t know about so we had water coming into the basement, we got that solved and found that the sand filter was cracked and water was again pouring into the basement, new filter, we figured that since we were throwing this much money at the pool we may as well switch it to salt water which will save us money and work in the long run we are just waiting for the long run. now we have the pool going and it is ready to use and we are ready to use it . the weather has been fantastic except we could use a little less wind, a light breeze is nice but a full-blown wind is a little too much. 2:30 this morning I woke to splashing in the pool and the sound of the brand new solar cover being tossed around I jumped from my bed through open the shutters and through up the sash and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a deer swimming in my pool. I was not happy I was more concerned about the cover than the deer  we rushed out side and shooed it to the shallow end where it climbed out and left I had really wanted to be the first one to swim in the pool but again I was beat out, this time by a deer. Today after working at the winery all day I got my chance to try out the pool , life really is good in spite of all the problems we have along the way.


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fun times and progress

Last Sunday was fathers day and we had a BBQ for the family that live in town. It was a good time and my grandkids who were here enjoyed running around the yard. The pool was not quite ready for swimming but it will be soon. When we filled the pool we found a leak in the filter which is in a room off the basement as a consequence we had water in the basement but we got it cleaned up without too much drama and are getting a new filter on Monday and at the same time converting the pool to saltwater. Now we are just circulating the water without the filter and waiting for it to warm up. 20170618_19253320170618_19251220170623_101449

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happy weekend

Today is Fathers Day and I am having a great day. It was my goal today to get water in the pool and I am happy to say that there is water going into the pool right now. Before we could fill the pool we had to drain the water that had accumulated over the winter and then clean it. Now that we have got the cleaning done it is time to start filling it up ,this should take a couple of days, fortunately I have irrigation water so it is not metered. It is interesting living out-of-town, having 2 water systems one for house water, which is metered, and the other for the yard which is not metered, we pay a flat rate for that based on the size of the property which is considered agriculture. We also have a septic system which is going to be replaced very soon. It is working fine but it is old and I want to replace it before it breaks down and I have to replace it at an inconvenient time. This weekend we have done a lot of yard work, there is still lots to do but we are slowly getting it all done. we have this great hedge along the side of the yard and you go through a little arch to get to where our garbage cans, recycling and compost are located when you come back the it has this great look. it has finished flowering so now we have to trim it.




We don’t want you to use this door so we have set the stairs up as a place for plants.


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