The start of a new year

Here it is the 3rd day of January. The year has started off with a bang, 2am on jan.1 I got a fire call a vehicle on fire, so much for a quiet new years.


The rest of the week has been great, not too quiet so I get bored but not too busy so I am frantic. The snow is still here but most of the roads are clear and dry except for ours which is icy. The snow which came Dec26 is slowly evaporating so it is not too messy yet we will hope it continues that way. The holiday time has given us lots of reasons to enjoy some of the very fine wines we have accumulated it has been an enjoyable holliday that is almost over next week is back to our normal routine

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It’s looking like winter

It is almost the end of December the close of a year that has been very busy. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do this year but just didn’t get them done, the big one was a motorcycle trip I planned but didn’t get to accomplish. I hope in the coming year I get it done. Now Christmas is over it has started to snow and it really looks like winter.


We are baby sitting a dog for a couple of months so now we have 2. they get along great and love to play in the snow together. the New dog is really an outside dog but enjoys coming in for a visit


Sasha our german shepherd playing with Jason the mastive, he really is big and makes Sasha look small. They are very happy dogs, we have to walk them separately because they just want to run and play when they are out together so we do play time and then walk times seperatly which doesn’t leave much time for the rest of our lives

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the year is almost over

The past month was very busy and now it is drawing to a close. We finished our week of Christmas fire trucks and now we are getting the final preparations for tomorrow . Tonight we will watch some classic Christmas movies there is just the two of at home this year but I am sure there will be lots of drop-ins tomorrow and the rest of the week. it has been a great season.


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Christmas season

I seem to have some spare time and the motivation to post things right now I just wish I had this feeling all the time . It has been a busy time I was involved with our town Christmas light up by bringing Santa on  our vintage fire truck.


Then the fire department had a drive through breakfast to raise money for a local charity


plus the activities of decorating the tree and  lights on the house


then we had a big Christmas party for the kids of the firemen. Now it is time to rest for  a bit and enjoy some nice wine by the fire-place with my friends


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My Christmas Advent tree

This year we put up our Christmas tree at the end of november, I missed taking the first picture. The decorating of the tree took place over several days and each day we added more things to the tree.20181204_110656 this is the second day after the ribbon was added.

20181205_183435decorations added  then some supervision required

decorations added

20181206_104143there was a difference of opinion as to what the tree top should be

20181205_190942it was finally completed and we were all ready for some rest,

20181206_104143some of our decorations have been in the family a long time these two are over 50 years old

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December review

After an hour I lost everything . I will try again just some of the highlights since July the garden started off small and grew20180613_092647it didn’t look like much but then it grew

20180723_095309even the blueberries gave us a summer long treat


one of the bigger jobs (projects ) of the summer was redoing the courtyard walkway to the pool ,we took out the grass and put down flattish rocks we found. It is looking better all the time and by spring we expect the irish moss and creeping thyme that we planted between the stones will fill out and it hopefully will look like what we wanted 20180814_18174720181028_144724as fall moves in to take over the summer green I still have an enjoyable view from my desk in the sun room.

20181031_100255-1the trees are changing color

This is the time of year when we all enjoy the fireplace 20181121_172307even when there is no fire it is still a great place to relax


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Time is priceless

I have been posting my thoughts and the events of my life on this Blog for several years but my time is taken up more and more with the events of life. As time goes by my focus changes and the things that interest me or at least take up my time change also. My last post I see was back in july and I can assure anyone who happens to stumble on tho this site that I have not fallen off the edge of the earth and have mot just been hibernating under a rock. When I started this was a way for my family and friends to stay up to date with what I was doing it was also a good way for me to keep track of what I was doing. I have always had journals but am very reluctant to put my feelings or thoughts out for anyone to see so this has been a lot of event related stories . I think now is the time for me to reevaluate what I am doing here . perhaps more later


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