Wow what a surprise

I got up this morning and the ground was white. I had not expected to see this already so it was a surprise. Now it is barely white not an Edmonton white. Although I haven’t checked the weather forecast I am not expecting this to stay around for long but I am sure it is going to be messy. I have the day off so no bus driving in the snow today but I think it may have been a pleasant morning to do my walk. Perhaps I will go for a stroll later in the day. later that day, I have come back from my stroll it was a little longer than I had initially planned but I kept going and then realised I now have to come back. This is  where I went

and this is what I saw : a river

a bird in a tree

a bird in the river

a crooked tree

and a path to lead me home

it was a pleasent journey one that I should take more often.

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