Time goes by

Some times it seems like time is going by very slowly other times it seems to fly past. That is the way this week has been . To begin with it is a short week so that contributes to the speed at which it passes . Wait the week is the same as always it is not really any shorter than any other week it is just that the work part of the week is shorter so the rest seems to go by faster. I did not accomplish anything really great this week, the middle east is still in crisis in spite of my best efforts to find a solution, I found the solution they just didn’t like it stupid people. Countries are just people and everyone has to have the last word. There is a nameless person who would text us on the phone and regardless of what we texted to finish the conversation he would always add a final text then for fun we would add something and it would still be going on if we hadn’t let him have the last text. Countries are sort of like that, plus they just have to be right . Now that I am a little older I have realized that it really isn’t that important very often that I have to be right . I just don’t care anymore If you think you are right and I am wrong I don’t really give a s***t. I am comfortable with who I am, more often than not I know what is right and what is going on sometimes I don’t . I have jobs to do and I do them to the best of my ability if that isn’t good enough too bad that is all I have to give.

Hey I am having a great day and I have no problems with anyone  don’t mistake the obvious for anything more than my out look on life. One of my friends has been writing a blog and giving some of his philosophy of life. One of my thoughts that was cleared in my thinking by something I read is that my belief in God does not protect me from bad things happening to me any more than insurance does however it does help me recover from those bad things without further devastation.

It’s friday night I had a great week I sat in the hot tub for a while tonight to get rid of the body aches of the week ,a glass of wine helped do the same for my emotions. Chicken pepricosh and Riesling for supper  yum

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