I thought I had put up a post last week but apparently it didn’t get put up and I can’t find it so I will try again. School is finished so I am not driving the school bus and am only working at the winery 3 days a week so that part of my life is great. there have been no major fires so my duty at the fire hall has been routine as well. On the home front we have had some challenges. We have spent a lot of time getting the pool up and running first there was a valve left open that I didn’t know about so we had water coming into the basement, we got that solved and found that the sand filter was cracked and water was again pouring into the basement, new filter, we figured that since we were throwing this much money at the pool we may as well switch it to salt water which will save us money and work in the long run we are just waiting for the long run. now we have the pool going and it is ready to use and we are ready to use it . the weather has been fantastic except we could use a little less wind, a light breeze is nice but a full-blown wind is a little too much. 2:30 this morning I woke to splashing in the pool and the sound of the brand new solar cover being tossed around I jumped from my bed through open the shutters and through up the sash and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a deer swimming in my pool. I was not happy I was more concerned about the cover than the deer  we rushed out side and shooed it to the shallow end where it climbed out and left I had really wanted to be the first one to swim in the pool but again I was beat out, this time by a deer. Today after working at the winery all day I got my chance to try out the pool , life really is good in spite of all the problems we have along the way.


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fun times and progress

Last Sunday was fathers day and we had a BBQ for the family that live in town. It was a good time and my grandkids who were here enjoyed running around the yard. The pool was not quite ready for swimming but it will be soon. When we filled the pool we found a leak in the filter which is in a room off the basement as a consequence we had water in the basement but we got it cleaned up without too much drama and are getting a new filter on Monday and at the same time converting the pool to saltwater. Now we are just circulating the water without the filter and waiting for it to warm up. 20170618_19253320170618_19251220170623_101449

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happy weekend

Today is Fathers Day and I am having a great day. It was my goal today to get water in the pool and I am happy to say that there is water going into the pool right now. Before we could fill the pool we had to drain the water that had accumulated over the winter and then clean it. Now that we have got the cleaning done it is time to start filling it up ,this should take a couple of days, fortunately I have irrigation water so it is not metered. It is interesting living out-of-town, having 2 water systems one for house water, which is metered, and the other for the yard which is not metered, we pay a flat rate for that based on the size of the property which is considered agriculture. We also have a septic system which is going to be replaced very soon. It is working fine but it is old and I want to replace it before it breaks down and I have to replace it at an inconvenient time. This weekend we have done a lot of yard work, there is still lots to do but we are slowly getting it all done. we have this great hedge along the side of the yard and you go through a little arch to get to where our garbage cans, recycling and compost are located when you come back the it has this great look. it has finished flowering so now we have to trim it.




We don’t want you to use this door so we have set the stairs up as a place for plants.


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Busy times

Last week I was at the provincial Fire Chiefs convention and had a good time with lots of very helpful workshops. Now I am back home and busy with yard work . the yard is coming along nicely and we are busy restoring the gardens to their original state. There is lots of work but we are really enjoying ourselves.



we are starting to uncover the rock retaining wall that has been overgrown soon it will be back to the original state after we do some work 🙂


next job is getting the pool going, I am determined to have it full by the weekend

20170526_171737 there is lots of fun ahead !

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What goes around comes around

We have always tried to help other people and give people “deals” when we sell something ,when we have extra things we give them away. It is finally our turn, things are just working out for us not that we got anything free but we have the type of  house we have wanted for a long time  and our lives are flowing along smoothly. I recieved an award for long service (it is what you get for showing up for a long time)  🙂  We are slowly getting the house organized and are working on getting the yard and pool in shape for the summer. Life is good ! it is our time to enjoy our life once we get unpacked. soon we can get back to wine fridays and have some parties again.


Bob Graham medal-2

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the move is over

We are totally moved,however that in no way means we are set up or organized that will take some time. I think we will be able to relax a little now that everything we have is in one house. the next project will be to figure out where everything goes

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We are in the process of moving and working. This has been a hectic couple of weeks and we are coming down to the last 2 days and we still have things to move. The big problem is that we are both working and don’t have a lot of time when we are both off at the same time. Deb has been really good about getting all the packing done and I have been loading and trucking. A friend has lent us a big truck and we load it then take it to the new house to unload. The problem is we both work so have limited spare time and then I am fire chief and every time I think I am going to have some spare time I get a call, the past 2 weeks it has been for flooding,and this past weekend when I thought I would have 3 days to move I had to work at the winery and then go to 2 different flood situations. We are down to the almost end of things to move but today I had to drive the bus,work at the winery, sign the last papers at the lawyer for sale and purchase and now I am getting ready to go to a town council meeting to give a fire report and receive a medal for always showing up (or something like that  🙂 ). we have to be out of the house by thursday noon.  On the bright side the new house is great the trees and flowers are simply amazing . I will post some pictures soon. last week we got our container. We don’t have a garage or shed of any kind at our new house so we decided to get a container , it will be a garage for the bikes and riding mower and a shed for all the stuff we don’t know where else to put . We plan to put some windows and a door in it and a dividing wall in the middle so it will be really functional we also plan to plant trees around it to help it blend in. Tomorrow will be a big day and it looks like I will be working alone but I have to get this done, my plan is to get everything possible out of the garage and take it to the container there is some stuff that will go in the pickup and most in the big truck then I plan to load everything that is left in the house. we have 2 small freezers and the washer and dryer that will have to go when we can get a couple of helpers after work. I really hope my plan works.


the container arriving, crushed gravel for a base  20170506_191038   now in place

flowering trees in the yard



another just outside my bedroom window


we are going to get this done

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