Going crazy

This weather is driving me crazy! for a few days it was really nice and I got out to ride my motorcycle. Last Tuesday it was so nice we had a bonfire and had some of the grandkids over for hot dogs and marshmallows, crocuses were up it felt like spring. Today it is a different story


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Happy St. Patricks day

To celebrate my Irish heritage I went for a great motorcycle ride for a couple of hours. It was a bit cool out but I was bundled up and stayed nice and warm. It is great to be out riding again and I hope I can get time for a few out of town rides this summer. I am starting my spring break so maybe I will be able to get out for a ride in the next two weeks.


When I got back I found our first spring flowers


it doesn’t look like much but it is a start and there are lots of shoots around the yard

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What is an adventure ?

Yesterday I wrote that I had an adventure getting my bike registered and insured so here is how it went. I will let you judge if it was an adventure.  On saturday we went to the insurance office to get the paper work done  (trip 1) it was 5 minutes to closing and they didn’t want to start the process so we came home. Monday morning (trip 2) went back and started the process but needed another signature from Deb so off to find her at her work get the signiture and back for (trip 3) everything is going smooth but they want to charge $18 for a new licence plate, can I use the one on the motorcycle? no,  can I use the one off the old motorcycle? maybe, have you sold the old one? no, is there insurance on it? no, well we will talk about it. Finally yes you can but you have to go get it to show us and bring the registration papers. home to get the plate and back for (trip 4)  All the paper work is done, and you only want to insure it for 9 months ok no problem ,what ! you want to pay monthly no we can’t do that we can only do monthly payments for a 6 month policy or a 1 year policy . Ok I will insure it for a year and pay monthly . Oh sorry you need this form filled out from your bank, I use a credit union and it is closed on Monday so I will wait untill Tuesday for my insurance, home sad. Tuesday off to the insurance office for (trip 5)  yay it is all done and I was out for a half hr. ride. That is my kind of adventure. Today it is not quite as warm as yesterday it is only +6 yesterday was +14 and it is raining so there will be no riding today. The rain brings new worries, the snowpack in the mountains is at 140% of normal for this time of year so if it gets warm too quickly and rains we will get flooding ( not at my house) but in the valley near the river and any of the small creeks. There is always an adventure waiting to happen.

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out for a ride at last

It was a great adventure trying to transfer the bike from Deb to me and to get the insurance changed over but eventually I got it done. I planned to go to the insurance office first thing this morning I was just getting ready when I got a fire call that took almost 2 hours. When I finally got finished it was lunch time then off for the insurance and then I got out for a short ride. It will take a few days of riding around town to get used to the new bike it handles different from the other one. It was a very short ride just down to town then over to where Deb was working and then back home but it felt good to get out on the road again.


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things get better

I was feeling kind of down last week, I had a cold but lucky me it only lasted a few days while my poor wife suffered for a couple of weeks. The weather seems to be getting closer to spring at least it hasn’t snowed for the last week and the daytime temperature is above freezing. Yesterday I got the motorcycles ready to go. I took one out for a ride down to the next house on the road and back, It wasn’t insured so I am very cautious, we went to get the insurance so I could go for a ride today but the insurance office was closing and they really didn’t want to start up their computer to look after us so we just left it till next week I guess we could have been the miserable customer that demanded service since they were supposed to be open for another 5 minutes but I don’t like it when people inconvenience me so I shouldn’t do it to other people . Today the sun is shining and the yard actually looks like spring even though there is snow on the hillside behind us. there is nothing like a clear blue sky to make me feel better. This is what the delivery truck left behind:(


it is worse than it looks I guess we will have to get some crush before next winter. some signs that spring is coming soon.


kind of sad looking right now but soon it will be green.



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I’ve had a great year

I just realized that it is exactly 1 year ago that I was appointed Fire Chief. This has been a great year of rebuilding the department and we are now in really good shape and everyone is happy and excited. We have added 7 new members to the department 4 joined last november and 3 more just 4 weeks ago. The department is now full and we are looking forward to several new training programs . As well as that it is a year ago this month that we moved into our new house, there have been lots of changes and lots to come over the next few years.It will be a slow process unless we win the lottery. It has been a very long winter, our first snow was in early november (it only stayed a day) then it seemed like there was snow off and on untill now,it isn’t always on the ground but it just makes life miserable. compared to some places we have it pretty good  but I really want it to warm up and besides that I have a cold .  We had a big delivery truck come up the driveway on friday now we have huge muddy ruts and we have to park at the end of the driveway.

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Welcome to March

March is to me a transitional month where we move from winter to spring . Today the first of march I woke up to it snowing but now by 10 it has changed to rain. Overnight on the hill above my house there was a measurable and miserable amount of snow. I am ready for the start of spring I want to get out and do some motorcycle riding but right now it is too cold and wet to be enjoyable besides I don’t have to prove I can ride year round. I ride to enjoy myself it is great therapy but not an endurance competition.


you can just barely see the outline of the mountains through the cloud that is leaving more snow

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