We have a new house

Wow this has been a whirlwind of activities . March 3, I was appointed as the Fire Chief for our town. One of the firemen decided we needed to have a celebration and offered to have a bonfire and hot dog roast at the home of his parents who had passed away last year . The house was empty and for sale so it seemed like a good place for a party. When Deb and I saw the house we knew it was ment for us. we put in an offer and put our house up for sale. our offer was excepted and our house sold in 2 days and above asking price. Now all the conditions are off and the deposits are paid so the house is ours. We are looking forward to moving in to our new home next month. In the mean while I have been busy adjusting to my new job as fire chief.  I read somewhere about stress and certain activities. On my stress chart within the last month I have added : new job, new grand son, sold house, bought house. It is definitely time for some wine. If only the weather would improve I could get out on the motorcycle, it is the best therapy


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spring break

My spring break is over and it didn’t really feel like spring. Last year I got to do a lot of riding this year I hardly got any rides in because of the weather. There has been lots of activity to keep me busy. We put our house up for sale and have picked out another house to move to. We are very pragmatic about this, if we get the house we want and our house sells then we move if not we stay either way we are going to be happy.  The new one is definitely not “new” in fact it is an 80-year-old heritage house with a nice big yard. I don’t want to say too much about it untill everything is settled. It is kind of unsettling to know you have to pack up and move but can’t do much untill everything is finalized then it will be a big rush. We have enjoyed living in this house and have done so much to upgrade it, we will miss the memories we have made here and our wonderful deck however we will move on and make a new place for more memories.  Today now that my spring break is over the weather is improving I am going to try getting out on the bike and get some miles on. I had planned on doing some maintenance on the bike but it was too cool to work on it but I need to get the work done before we move as there will be no storage space there for a while untill we get  something built. I went to a special lunch last week to celebrate Chief Clarence Louie receiving the Order of Canada . Clarence asked me to come and he talked about my work in his speech .

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Off to a great start

The first couple of weeks as the new Fire Chief have been busy with updating a lot of paperwork and reestablishing procedures and programs and letting everyone in and out of the department know about the changes. Now that most of that is done we are getting into a slower routine. To celebrate, friday was a ski day at Mt Baldy.


It was a beautiful day, then a nice soak in the hot tub with some Riverstone Merlot. The weather is still kind of crazy you never know what it is going to be like hopefully it is going to start warming up now that spring is officially almost here. I don’t have any heat in my garage so I have to wait till it warms up to get started on the upgrades on the motorcycle I need to hurry there is only 1 week before spring break and I would like to get some riding done while I have some time off.

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Interesting times

I have just finished an interesting month which has ended in a change in my career. I tried to copy the towns press release but it didn’t work so I will have to say it for myself.I have just been appointed as the Fire Chief for our town. I have been Deputy Chief for the past 6 years and a Firefighter for 25. I am looking forward to the challenges of a new position. On another front the weather here has been absolutely crazy. We have had a week of cool but clear weather and a feeling that maybe spring was here so I celebrated my new job by going for a motorcycle ride for a couple of hours yesterday. Today it snowed!  I am really looking forward to some spring weather that will last more than a day at a time. My wife has been busy supervising the pruning of the vineyard and checking on the health of the plants, it seems there was only minor winter damage. She is headed into a busy time getting ready for the spring growing season. I just enjoy the resulting wines unfortunately my cellar is starting to get depleted so I hope there will be some spring release of new wines soon.

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A quick update

Last week I was supposed to have 4 ski trips however one of the trips was rained out so I ended up with 2 downhill ski days  🙂 and only one cross country ski day. The snow in town is almost all gone but it went so rapidly the resulting water had a hard time going away so we had some minor flooding nothing serious but there were some good sized puddles on some of the roads. Another great addition this week I received a new travel bag for my motorcycle. The new bag fits on the back of the bike and I will be able to carry a lot of stuff in it. In addition my previous bag can be attached to the new one to make even more capacity. I am not sure how that will work or if it will be top heavy It will stick up pretty high and anyone following may not see much of me. Here is the view I had on Friday



here is a picture of my old bag on the bike and the new bag and then both together. For the together picture I just set the bags on the bike I didn’t strap them down like I would If I was going somewhere so the top bag isn’t sitting quite straight in the middle. You can see that it is quite tall so I will test it one a quiet road before I take it out on the highway with both bags attached, I doubt I would need that much stuff as I was gone for a week with just the old bag and the new one has a lot more space. unfortunately my insurance ran out last week or I would be out riding right now as the weather is great clear and +7c




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I got a 4 day weekend

The schools here had Pro D day on friday and monday (today) is a provincial holiday so I ended up with 4 days off. most of the other provinces get next monday as their holliday and I think I would prefer that as it would have given me 2  three-day weekends in a row. The weather has improved, it has been above freezing all weekend and the snow is rapidly disappearing . In my upcoming week I have 2 cross-country ski trips and 2 downhill ski trips so it looks loke I am going to get my share of skiing in this week. The weather was almost good enough to go for a motorcycle ride but when I got the bike out I noticed that the insurance had run out last week so I had to settle for doing some minor jobs on it instead. I wired up a power outlet to the front of the bike so I can power or charge some of my electronics while I am riding. I have a gps mounted that I would like to have plugged in and saturday another project was to add a ram mount for my camera I can also charge the camera from my new outlet. Before Christmas I got some lower wind defectors so I did some very minor adjustments to them as well and then I just sat on the bike and wished I was out somewhere riding.





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A fantastic week

I really live in a great place here in the south Okanagan. This week was filled with great times . I went skiing twice this week at Mt Baldy and it was fantastic.



To cap off the week and to get a start on one of my goals for the year I went for a motorcycle ride today . I will admit that it was cool out but you can bundle up and stay warm if you are skiing or riding. one of my goals again this year is to ride in every month of the year, I managed to do it last year and now I am off to a good start for this year. I wasn’t sure If I would get a ride in this month as the roads have been covered in snow or it was way too cold but today all the roads were clear and dry and it was above freezing (not by much) so I took advantage and went for a quick trip only about 20 miles but it was a ride and I felt really great afterwards.


Now that I am back from my little motorcycle trip I will relax for the afternoon with some nice BC wine . Melbec, Merlot or a meritage blend  . Happy day for me.Oh and a happy lunar new year

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