Lots of activities

Wow the last few weeks have been very busy I was away at a Fire Chiefs convention for a week and just before I went away we got a new puppy.


We have been busy getting the puppy trained or the puppy has been getting us trained I am getting sleep deprived. In spite of the inconvenience we are very happy with our new addition to the family. Today being fathers day I got to do lots of jobs around the yard . We have been working on finishing our pool fence with an arched gate and today almost finished it with some planted trees,


all that is left is some stepping stones under the arbor part of the gate.  Yes that is a wine barrel hiding behind the fence , we had thought of putting barrels by the gate but decided to use planters instead and then cut the barrels in half and plant vegitables in them. we got our garden going, late but it is started for this year. It is another story, we had someone come and strip off the top layer of dirt where we were going to put the garden but between the time of asking him and him arriving we decided to move the garden spot over a bit but he came when we were not home and the garden is in the original spot. than a week later he came with the 3 truckloads of top soil , unfortunately when the truck backed in it ran over an irrigation pipe and broke it so we had to repair that and while we were doing that we added an extension so we could water the new garden. that is now all complete and the garden is all leveled and some plants are in including 8 blueberry bushes.  I was going to work on the solar pool heater today but we decided to take a short wine tour instead hitting 3 of our favorites the result was 2 cases of wine. When we got home we got a surprise gift of 6 wines from another vineyard I had done a presentation for. I will try to get busy and finish the heater tomorrow. Another bonus we picked up two chairs for the pool deck that were on a super special ( I think they miss priced them ) we asked twice if the price was correct and then said ok we want them. It was a great fathers day.



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