Winter continues

It is now almost the middle of January and we still have snow. Usually we get snow in December and after a day it goes away then we will get periodic snowfalls that stay for a few days and then the snow disappears. This year we had snow in December and it has stayed with us. There have been a few days when it warmed up and most of the snow went away and I started to think about spring and then it would snow again and we would be back where we started or worse as it is starting to accumulate. On the bright side the yard does look very pretty. The rest of my life is still moving along nicely. We have moved the restoration from the living room to the dining room. When we took the paneling off the wall we discovered that the door to the kitchen used to be another double french door now it is a sliding pocket door. we will have to decide should we restore the french door which would make more light but reduce the wall space in kitchen and dining room or keep the pocket door but change the style to match the french doors. the second option is what we will probably go with. This wall will be more work but easier than the living room wall that was a lot of filling and sanding. Our restorations are a slow process we often get sidetracked with other things in our lives and our visitors just have to overlook the things that are unfinished.  Eventually it will be all done and then what will we do?20180112_164755

Screenshot_2017-04-14-07-38-15  20180113_112507

for some reason the last picture turned out darker than I thought. notice the cat asleep in the window. that is now one of their favorite places since I put the bird feeder outside the window.  20180113_113605

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