sometimes things just work out

There is a particular style of house we have always liked and now we are living in this house . it came about almost as an accident, we weren’t really in the market or looking for a house but here we are. There is so much about this house that we love that sometimes it seems like we are in a dream. There is definitely lots of work to upgrade and restore it to the place we want it to be . We have had a new septic system put in and are now waiting for spring to get the grass growing it might grow back over winter but I kind of doubt it. The natural gas is in and a new furnace is ordered. I am getting ready to put up some christmas lights, by some I mean lots.we already have some little solar lights in some of the trees. The pool is ready to be winterized and the fence is ready to go up as soon as I have a weekend free with some helpers. we have taken some old paneling off the living room wall and are ready to refinish the plaster and repaint. There seems like a lot of things to do and there will be some that won’t get done for a long time but is such a great feeling to sit in the evening and just enjoy where we are.

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