Keeping busy

It seems like I am always up to something but I can’t remember what all I have been doing . I do know there has been lots of small jobs around the house that have been done then on the work front we have been super busy at the winery and are sold out of Melbec and almost out of both our Cab.Franc and our famous rose’. then there is the Fire dept that has been busy . The most fun call (if you can understand a fire call being fun)  was the river rescue that was successful and several of our guys got to go for a swim.  2 ladies were trapped on an island in the middle of the river which is way higher than normal and flowing very swiftly. The rescue went exactly as we practice and I was happy that I was able to be the officer in charge and that it went the way I wanted with a great outcome.

Since this is the motorcycle season we have unfortunately had to be called to several incidents one that did not have a good outcome . Because I ride a motorcycle I am always more aware on these types of calls . There are lots of happy things going on . The fire dept. did a big fund-raising car wash for another dept that lost their firehall in a wild-fire ,we raised a substantial amount and had a lot of fun. the summer has brought us some unexpected visitors.


life is good. I can’t remember when we have been as happy

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