work is progressing

I have been busy building screens for the windows. The first step is to get the window open that has been painted shut with several coats of paint. This is a very time consuming job that requires hammering a small paint scraper into the space between the window frame and the window jam without cracking any 80 year old glass. so far I have made 10 screens and each one is a different size, some are very close in size others ate totally different. I managed to get this job done with very few mistakes and almost no waste. I am not really a carpenter so this is a great accomplishment for me. Meanwhile we had the excavator in to dig a test hole for the new septic system, that is the sewer system if you are not connected to a town system, we are very fortunate in that under the layer of top soil we have sand and light gravel which is the absolute best for drainage it is also very easy for the excavator to dig in so it goes quick which is good as I am paying by the hour. To celebrate all our accomplishments we are using the pool every day. The pool has a fence which will be replaced by a nice new vinyl one as soon as the contractor gets it installed. There is a lot of construction taking place in our little town so the contractors are not in a hurry to do small jobs. There are major forest fires all over the province but we have been lucky so far but it has continued to be hot and dry so we are very nervous. I took a couple of hours off today to go for a motorcycle ride just to unwind and get my mind off of everything else it was very refreshing unfortunately i has been so long that I forgot how to use my go pro so no pictures from that .

pool with the temporary fence IMG_8313

the yard before the excavator tests


during the test


after the test not looking too good but it will get better


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  1. Dakegro says:

    Chill the Wine and warm up the pool!!

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