reality or perseption

I read that people only post good things especially on facebook. I would like to say that we have lots of hard times lots of issues with our new 80 year old house but the reality is we have never been happier ( well there were a few nights)  things in our lives are going better than our plans . For years we have talked about a style of house we both like but we never imagined that this year we would be living in this house. we have both driven past his house and have always said what a great yard now it is ours and we keep shaking our heads thinking is this real this yard this house and a pool we are so blessed. Do we have problems yes indead do we always agree not usually but we work it out and our reward for all the years of giving to others and sacrifice is that now we have our dream house and we do still have a ton of work to do on it but we are happy to be where we are

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