happy weekend

Today is Fathers Day and I am having a great day. It was my goal today to get water in the pool and I am happy to say that there is water going into the pool right now. Before we could fill the pool we had to drain the water that had accumulated over the winter and then clean it. Now that we have got the cleaning done it is time to start filling it up ,this should take a couple of days, fortunately I have irrigation water so it is not metered. It is interesting living out-of-town, having 2 water systems one for house water, which is metered, and the other for the yard which is not metered, we pay a flat rate for that based on the size of the property which is considered agriculture. We also have a septic system which is going to be replaced very soon. It is working fine but it is old and I want to replace it before it breaks down and I have to replace it at an inconvenient time. This weekend we have done a lot of yard work, there is still lots to do but we are slowly getting it all done. we have this great hedge along the side of the yard and you go through a little arch to get to where our garbage cans, recycling and compost are located when you come back the it has this great look. it has finished flowering so now we have to trim it.




We don’t want you to use this door so we have set the stairs up as a place for plants.


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