We are in the process of moving and working. This has been a hectic couple of weeks and we are coming down to the last 2 days and we still have things to move. The big problem is that we are both working and don’t have a lot of time when we are both off at the same time. Deb has been really good about getting all the packing done and I have been loading and trucking. A friend has lent us a big truck and we load it then take it to the new house to unload. The problem is we both work so have limited spare time and then I am fire chief and every time I think I am going to have some spare time I get a call, the past 2 weeks it has been for flooding,and this past weekend when I thought I would have 3 days to move I had to work at the winery and then go to 2 different flood situations. We are down to the almost end of things to move but today I had to drive the bus,work at the winery, sign the last papers at the lawyer for sale and purchase and now I am getting ready to go to a town council meeting to give a fire report and receive a medal for always showing up (or something like that  🙂 ). we have to be out of the house by thursday noon.  On the bright side the new house is great the trees and flowers are simply amazing . I will post some pictures soon. last week we got our container. We don’t have a garage or shed of any kind at our new house so we decided to get a container , it will be a garage for the bikes and riding mower and a shed for all the stuff we don’t know where else to put . We plan to put some windows and a door in it and a dividing wall in the middle so it will be really functional we also plan to plant trees around it to help it blend in. Tomorrow will be a big day and it looks like I will be working alone but I have to get this done, my plan is to get everything possible out of the garage and take it to the container there is some stuff that will go in the pickup and most in the big truck then I plan to load everything that is left in the house. we have 2 small freezers and the washer and dryer that will have to go when we can get a couple of helpers after work. I really hope my plan works.


the container arriving, crushed gravel for a base  20170506_191038   now in place

flowering trees in the yard



another just outside my bedroom window


we are going to get this done

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