spring break

My spring break is over and it didn’t really feel like spring. Last year I got to do a lot of riding this year I hardly got any rides in because of the weather. There has been lots of activity to keep me busy. We put our house up for sale and have picked out another house to move to. We are very pragmatic about this, if we get the house we want and our house sells then we move if not we stay either way we are going to be happy.  The new one is definitely not “new” in fact it is an 80-year-old heritage house with a nice big yard. I don’t want to say too much about it untill everything is settled. It is kind of unsettling to know you have to pack up and move but can’t do much untill everything is finalized then it will be a big rush. We have enjoyed living in this house and have done so much to upgrade it, we will miss the memories we have made here and our wonderful deck however we will move on and make a new place for more memories.  Today now that my spring break is over the weather is improving I am going to try getting out on the bike and get some miles on. I had planned on doing some maintenance on the bike but it was too cool to work on it but I need to get the work done before we move as there will be no storage space there for a while untill we get  something built. I went to a special lunch last week to celebrate Chief Clarence Louie receiving the Order of Canada . Clarence asked me to come and he talked about my work in his speech .

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