A quick update

Last week I was supposed to have 4 ski trips however one of the trips was rained out so I ended up with 2 downhill ski days  🙂 and only one cross country ski day. The snow in town is almost all gone but it went so rapidly the resulting water had a hard time going away so we had some minor flooding nothing serious but there were some good sized puddles on some of the roads. Another great addition this week I received a new travel bag for my motorcycle. The new bag fits on the back of the bike and I will be able to carry a lot of stuff in it. In addition my previous bag can be attached to the new one to make even more capacity. I am not sure how that will work or if it will be top heavy It will stick up pretty high and anyone following may not see much of me. Here is the view I had on Friday



here is a picture of my old bag on the bike and the new bag and then both together. For the together picture I just set the bags on the bike I didn’t strap them down like I would If I was going somewhere so the top bag isn’t sitting quite straight in the middle. You can see that it is quite tall so I will test it one a quiet road before I take it out on the highway with both bags attached, I doubt I would need that much stuff as I was gone for a week with just the old bag and the new one has a lot more space. unfortunately my insurance ran out last week or I would be out riding right now as the weather is great clear and +7c




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