I got a 4 day weekend

The schools here had Pro D day on friday and monday (today) is a provincial holiday so I ended up with 4 days off. most of the other provinces get next monday as their holliday and I think I would prefer that as it would have given me 2  three-day weekends in a row. The weather has improved, it has been above freezing all weekend and the snow is rapidly disappearing . In my upcoming week I have 2 cross-country ski trips and 2 downhill ski trips so it looks loke I am going to get my share of skiing in this week. The weather was almost good enough to go for a motorcycle ride but when I got the bike out I noticed that the insurance had run out last week so I had to settle for doing some minor jobs on it instead. I wired up a power outlet to the front of the bike so I can power or charge some of my electronics while I am riding. I have a gps mounted that I would like to have plugged in and saturday another project was to add a ram mount for my camera I can also charge the camera from my new outlet. Before Christmas I got some lower wind defectors so I did some very minor adjustments to them as well and then I just sat on the bike and wished I was out somewhere riding.





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