A fantastic week

I really live in a great place here in the south Okanagan. This week was filled with great times . I went skiing twice this week at Mt Baldy and it was fantastic.



To cap off the week and to get a start on one of my goals for the year I went for a motorcycle ride today . I will admit that it was cool out but you can bundle up and stay warm if you are skiing or riding. one of my goals again this year is to ride in every month of the year, I managed to do it last year and now I am off to a good start for this year. I wasn’t sure If I would get a ride in this month as the roads have been covered in snow or it was way too cold but today all the roads were clear and dry and it was above freezing (not by much) so I took advantage and went for a quick trip only about 20 miles but it was a ride and I felt really great afterwards.


Now that I am back from my little motorcycle trip I will relax for the afternoon with some nice BC wine . Melbec, Merlot or a meritage blend  . Happy day for me.Oh and a happy lunar new year

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