what did you do all year ?

A common question that comes up at this time of year and one that I usually ask myself. Looking back on this year I find that there are several things that I didn’t get around to doing so I will just add them to 2017s list. I don’t like to get too worked up about things I didn’t get around to but rather focus on the great things I did get done. Not everything is a great thing but I did get some things accomplished , the biggest accomplishment was in 4 parts and that was my 4 multi-day motorcycle trips .


Each trip resulted in memories that I have to enjoy and adventures to relive. One of the memories is of one of my highway pegs coming off as I was going down the freeway, a big chrome footrest that probably weighs more than a pound bouncing down the busy freeway is always interesting.  I did recover it non the worse for its adventure. Getting caught in a downpour on the freeway coming out of a major city or riding through a rainstorm in the mountains it is no end of fun as was getting a tank of contaminated gas in the middle of the mountains. It is about attitude that determines whether you are having an adventure or are being frustrated. The older I get the easier it is to go with the flow and not get too uptight.


I worked quite a bit at the wine shop this past year nad again it was an adventure, this time it was a movie being shot in the vineyard and around the wine shop.With the star.

bob &larry

I sold a lot of wine last year and also managed to buy a fair amount and visit several new wineries as well. We had a number of visitors who we took on wine tours, this being on of the must do things when visiting Oliver. One of the other highlights was the acquiring of our 2 cats, both were kittens rescued after being abandoned in the vineyard. A big highlight in the spring  was our fire dept. training seminar where we had close to 400 firefighters come for a weekend of training and I was able to teach one of the sessions with 2 of my sons who are also firefighters.



As always the year ended with Santa on the fire truck.


santa-close22 What will next year bring? More work and more fun more multi-day motorcycle trips and more videos of them and of course more wine and blogging. If you had a great year I hope the next is even better. If you had a year of frustration or disappointment I sincerely hope next year will make up for it by being a great year for you. My wish for everyone who reads this is that you have a great adventure, stay safe, enjoy life now, smile.


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