Christmas day is past

Although Christmas day is past the happy season will stay with us for a while longer. The week before Christmas is always a busy one for me. For the past 14 years I have taken the old fire truck around town each night for the week befor Christmas,for about the last 4 years  I have dressed as Santa It is a ton of fun but at the same time draining and time-consuming . here are pictures from the first and last night. Can you see the difference? This year since I wasn’t planning to be away or do anything special I volunteered to be the duty officer for the hollidays so that the officers with smaller children could enjoy their Christmas with out having to worry about jumping up from Christmas dinner to go to someones emergency. santa-close22

20161223_192759I was tired by the end of the night

Now that Christmas is over I have to start seriously planning my next year. There are some renovation plans that have to be finished . these are just small jobs really ,a doorway to be closed in and a stairway to be resurfaced. Then there all the motorcycle plans to be organized. Since I don’t really have a creative hobby I have to resign myself to wine and motorcycles. This Christmas I got a gift that combines my 2 interests without getting into a dangerous situation on the road.


my new motorcycle wine holder, a great gift from my wife.  Have a safe and happy New Year.

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