always adventures

Life is always full of adventures. As we are into the fall season the wine shop is winding down so I have a little more time to spend on myself, “idle hands are the devils workshop”. The last event I was working at was the annual “Festival of the grape” we had great weather and a fantastic turnout of people coming to taste wines from 40 wineries .It is an outdoor event at the community park with live music and grape stomping competitions  I am busy trying to find trouble to get into and avoid extra work. The last time I posted over a month ago we had a cat well fast forward and now we have 2 if we get 1 more we qualify as crazy cat people. The latest cat who I call meme was rescued from the vineyard where she had been abandoned by her mother which is pretty much how we got the first who I now call kiki I have no I idea how I arrived at these names . Deb is trying to call  them Bonny and clyde as one is a boy and the other a girl, they will be going soon for a sex change operation.


The weather has changed to fall and I am just about finished regular riding for the season however I am sure I will get out for a few more rides if we get a few dry days ( I don’t like riding in the wet).  It was recently my birthday and Deb got me a fancy new GPS that I can use on the motorcycle so I will be able to figure out where I am I call it my gipsy it tells me where to go. In preparation for the winter season I started to make a list of the things I want to do to the motorcycle before next spring nothing major just a few modifications and accessories. I just received a gift certificate for $50 for a picture I took and sent to a motorcycle forum,


now I can buy an accessory of some kind probably a cup holder. Now that we are looking at the winter season I picked up my season pass for the ski hill and I am going to give snowboarding another chance. I am also going to see how my motorcycle pants work for skiing they are waterproof have a quilted liner and have knee and hip protection I think they will be as good or better than my regular ski pants that are not totally water proof


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