Adventures of an old guy on a motorcycle

I will first explain my interpretation of “adventures”. For a small child the first time they go somewhere alone it is an adventure, as we get older our adventures become more complicated but they always retain the element of doing something new or going somewhere new. This year I had an adventure,a 7 day motorcycle trip by myself. You might wonder why by myself ? The simple answer is that I had no one able to go at that time and it was go alone or stay home and wish I had gone. Too much of our lives are spent wishing we had gone on more adventures. I like to plan things but they don’t always follow the plan, in this case I had actually planned 2 trips but the weather changed the first leg of my trip so that the second had to be changed as well. Initially I had planned to take my first week and go to Alberta to visit my brother and on my second week (which was actually 8 days) I wanted to see how far south along the pacific coast I could go and still get back to Vancouver for the 30th for a school reunion I had promised to attend. My trip started by me heading north east to Revelstoke where I got rain untill I got to Golden th en it was mixed rain and cloud to the road to Jasper ( the Icefields parkway) click on the picture to make it bigger20160725_171956

then  east to Rocky mountain house and south to my brothers place. It was a long day made longer by the time change that I had forgotten about. after a great visit I again headed south towarde the border.

20160727_072428I stopped at a great 50s diner in Black Diamond (Mervs) probably the best stop of the trip .

20160726_123957Overnight in Pincher Creek after dodging thunder storms ( I didn’t get caught) Wednesday was down into Montana and over the “going to the sun Hwy” also know as Logan pass.

20160727_095102 It is a great road and apparently on the list of must dos.

20160727_093317 After that it was accross Idaho and Washington to the coast. My original Idea was to go to Anacortes Was. and then down the coast so it was in my mind that I had to get to Anacortes.

20160728_13522920160728_175350The next day was a quick run back up to Canada a great visit with my kids and then into Vancouver for an interesting trip around the city20160729_120407

then over to North Van. to my oldest son. Satuday was off to the school reunion (interesting but uneventful) then back for dinner on the waterfront

20160730_181232  and later watching fierworks. Sunday started cool and I was worried about rain but as the day progressed it got better and I had to change to my summer jacket. finally home after 7 days away and 6 days of riding  just 3 miles short of 3000 miles ( I shouldnt have taken the last short cut)20160731_134007

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