2 days in a row

Well I finally have something to post about. We have a cat, this is a big event because we havent had a cat for about 4 years.This is a baby cat that Deb brought home it is getting used to being here and trying to overcome its fear of carlos who would really like to be friends.20160620_200302

we have not confirmed a name yet, there are a number of suggestions being made, it will probably end up being kitty. I wanted to call it Katsie but I don’t think that is going to work. it just seems to be a kitty. We got our motorhome tires delivered yesterday and they were the wrong ones . I have to take the wheels off the motorhome and take them to a shop and they are going to install the correct tires Hopefully next week. I am expecting my motorcycle tires today or tomorrow I just hope they are the right ones .:)


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