June 20

I don’t know what to write ! Life goes on and I just continue with what I usually do which seems to be not a lot. After completing our spring firefighter seminar I had a week of just regular work then it was off for a week of workshops at the firechiefs convention . Now that I have been back home for a couple of weeks I am in my regular work routine I am getting used to my new tablet but still don’t know how to do everything on it yet. I have been doing a lot of local riding on my motorcycle and am waiting for my new set of tires to arrive I had hoped that they would arrive today but maybe tomorrow then I have to take them to the shop for instilation. I went out for a ride yesterday and stopped at the shop to arrange to bring the bike in and have the tires put on, the repair guy seems quite nice and I think it is just him and his wife opreating the shop so hopefully the tire job works out. Deb also ordered tires for the motorhome and we got them but I don’t think they are the right rating so we are going to check tomorrow.these were trailer tires and I wanted front tires I want to be sure they are the right ones. I have been working some at the winery and it looks like they have me bookded for a lot of days next month I will have to tell them to not book me for quite as much for August so I can get some traveling done. We are baby sitting Carlos for a couple of weeks again and today Deb brought home a 6 week old kitten.  Carlos would like to be friends but the kitten is not too sure about that idea hopefully they will get along the kitten is still a pretty small baby so she is kind of afraid of everything it is a cute little creature.

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