April 18

It has been a while since I posted and I have been busy with a lot of activities. last week  I drove the school kids to a special location where they pick a herb called spetlim  also known as bitter root. which is used in cooking soups. On the weekend just past I worked at the winery, infact this was 2 Saturdays in a row . This weekend we released our new 2014 Melbec and our 2015 Melbec Rose. Today I had the whole day off so as a reward for my hard work last week 😉 I went for a motorcycle trip. I left at 9:30 and got back home at 3:15 and put on 193 miles or 308k which sounds better. It was a great ride up a twisty highway #33 . The weather is fantastic +27c . there was almost no traffic on the roads so it was a special treat. To top off the day when I got home and got out of my riding gear I opened a bottle of 2015 Sauv. Blanc. Very good ,this is one of the wines that Deb helped to make so it is very special. and very yummy (a technical term) . I am very fortunate that even though I am working I have a fair amount of time to go out on motorcycle rides. It would seem that motorcycling is a great pastime for me as is enjoying wine but I never mix the two 🙂 . To night I am enjoying a chicken lasagna with artichokes and that great Sauv. Blanc .

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