More adventures

For me life is an adventure I am seldom bored with what is going on around me even though sometimes it seems like nothing is happening. I really enjoy my life and the opportunities I have to do things that are new. I have only had my motorcycle since July 2014 so it is still a new adventure and exciting for me.  Apparently  I am not getting any younger so I need to do everything I want to do as soon as I can while I still can before I get old and feeble .   I am in the middle of my spring break so I have been out on my motorcycle as much as I can. Yes I know I have been neglecting my spring yard work but I will get to that sometime soon. On Thursday I took my longest ride so far this year it was down into Washington State and up into the mountains a total round trip of 185 miles or 296 kilometers, kilometers sounds better. When I got up into the mountains there was still a fair amount of snow and even though I had my winter riding gear on it was quite cold . This was the second ride where I got up in the mountains and got cold. In the month of March I have managed to put just under 500 miles on the bike .  Friday was our 10th anniversary and we got to celebrate by going to a fund raising spaghetti dinner and auction. How the auction works is you buy a bunch of $1 tickets and when an item you like comes up you put in as many tickets as you want and then a ticket is drawn and the winner gets the item. Fortunately we did not win any prizes . Several people at the dinner knew it was our anniversary and kidded us about being there as a celebration. The only Item that I really liked was a 2 pack of wine, one of our friends won an item and traded someone for the wine and gave it to us as a special gift. Today will be a together day and we will probably end up at a nice restaurant for a quiet dinner to celebrate our anniversary.


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