I’m having fun

Here it is the middle of March we are on daylight saving time and I am on spring break so it seems that the days are longer. With all my extra time off I am busy trying to get some miles on the motorcycle


I hope you will look for us as we are out and about . I have been trying to rack up miles on my bike without racking up my bike (pun). Even if it is to go to the store I will use any excuse to get out and ride. Yesterday I went out to ride with the express purpose of putting on miles and going somewhere I hadn’t been this year so I took a long round trip to the village of Keremeos and back through Penticton and then home. The only purpose was to go for a ride and it was a great ride. The only problem I had was that I got cold, I should have warn a sweatshirt and I would have been fine. It was a great ride and I put on  98 miles or 157kilometers. For some reason my speedometer is in miles even though my country is in kilometres. It means I am constantly trying to adjust my speed, usually I just go with the flow. I have my video camera setup on the bike and constantly take video while I ride but I didn’t feel like there was anything worth putting up on youtube so I have nothing to share today. It was all just going down the highway. I didn’t go out today as it was just too unpleasant but I hope to get out tomorrow. So instead of riding (wasting time)  as some would say I started to tidy up the back yard in preparation for the summer party season. 🙂  . I hope to get out for another ride tomorrow if the weather cooperates and if that happens look for a video. While all this is happening I am babysitting a little dog named Carlos (it’s a long story) I will try to remember to take a picture of him to post. On to wine , we have been working our way through the cases of wine that we bought a couple of weeks ago and also we restarted on some of the whites we had left over from last year. We have to drink the whites from last year before the new releases of the spring so we will have to get busy Tonight I am enjoying a Riverstone Sauv.Blanc


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