A new month

I hope the old adage holds true that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Yesterday the last day of  February I was out riding my motorcycle in the 15c beautiful sunshine ,today it is 3c and raining .It can only get better (I hope). It looks like there will be  no riding for me for the rest of this week but I have a spring break coming up very soon so I certainly hope it warms up and dries out before then otherwise I will be a very unhappy person. We had a great weekend just past that included motorcycle riding and a wine tour, (not on the motorcycles). We went to one of our regular favorites and got a couple of cases or  Cab sauv.  Cab franc and 2 different blends. Then over to a newer winery that we hadn’t been to before where we picked up a few more Cab Franc. The new winery was just opened last summer by two brothers who had been winemakers for several other wineries and have now started their own. After the wine tour we headed to friends for a supper and more wine tasting.  One of our friends who is a wine maker at a winery in another area was visiting for the weekend and brought some of her wine for us to try, along with the wine made by our friends whose house we were at made for a great evening. We haven’t had one of these wine parties for months so it was a good time.

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