Blue Monday

Apparently this is supposed to be the most depressing or depressed day of the year.Not for me I am having a great day there is almost blue sky, clouds with clear breaks. I live in this beautiful valley the only drawback is that in the winter most days are cloudy so having some clear breaks in the cloud today is great. On Saturday the fire dept. had our annual awards night, we had a great party and honored those who had done something special in the past year. I was honored because I have been reappointed as Deputy Fire Chief for another 3 year term I have been in this post for the past 6 years. Because we live in wine country we had a great selection of local wines at the party, I tried 2 different whites 2 rose’ and 3 reds, red being my preference but it is always good to try new wines when you have the opportunity. It is above freezing, the snow is going away I can’t ride my motorcycle yet but I am going out to do some fiddling with it so I am a happy guy.

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