What did I do this year

Here it is the last day of the year and I don’t have much  to do so I was thinking of what I did this past year. Here we go ! I am trying to remember, There was no snow on new years day so I took my motorbike out for a short ride unfortunately I don’t have a picture only a short video that doesn’t want to load. The year started with a school trip cross country skiing .

20150129_103632They all had fun, it was a beautiful day in the snow. Spring was early and I started riding quit regularly until the Easter weekend at which time I had a crash and wrecked my bike. The bike was in worse shape than it looked and the insurance wrote it off. I used the money from the insurance to purchase a new bike almost the same.

old bike   DSCF4324  new bike DSCF4442a different color and a better seat with a backrest. through the year I took some short and longer rides.  DSCF4425


there were lots of evenings on the deck


All was not fun and games, we had some serious fires that came too close to town and we worked for several weeks

11896080_425583664295095_3221530670366646274_nwhen it was over we were congratulated by the premier

christy-one22Me in the red t shirt with the MLA and Premier. In the midst of our busy summer Saige came home and had time for a concert 11825163_10153638904275809_2827490677438880350_n

There came  a time for change I sold my MG that I had for many years.  Since I got the motorcycle I haven’t used the MG so it was time to say good by to a great friend.

DSCF0308_103 (2)

As  winter approached we took a trip to Toronto to see Sage as she wasn’t going to come home for Christmas and it was a good excuse since I had never been there .

Pub around the corner from our hotel


View of young st. from our hotel



time for some more fire work we do more than put out fires.kid-two-good22

Then we ended the year as we always do.



I am sure I missed some important things but this is what I remember today. I hope everyone had a great year and that 2016 will be even better.




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