middle of october

Well here it is the middle of October actually it is past the middle almost like me saying I am middle aged (which I do and am) I suppose that the middle depends on how long you intend to live. At any rate here we are and the weather is absolutely fantastic the grape harvest is complete and the wineries are busy making wine and I am busy drinking it. I thought that I was finished working at the winery for the season but I have been called in to work several days this month. The weather has been so good I have been riding my motorbike almost every day unfortunately my rides have only been around town since I am still working . Now that my birthday is well past I have recovered from my “birthday blues”   I am having a great time and really enjoying the life I have . It is important to enjoy what you have and enjoy the day you are in. Don’t put off doing things and don’t be too serious ,have some fun and enjoy your life . smile while you can .

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