not the slow lane

11825163_10153638904275809_2827490677438880350_nFirst I have to post that Saige had a fantastic concert at the Fairview cellars winery last Wednesday there was a great turnout and she put on a great performance.

Wow if you read my last post this is almost a replay . after working all day on Friday I responded to a fire call that threatened the entire town I got on scene at 6:30 pm and left for a rest at about 4 am then returned at 7 am and spent the entire day till 10pm then as I was the duty officer got a call every hour all night until I returned at 7 am sunday . then I was back on duty untill 4pm. there has been lots of tv coverage of this fire which was actually 2 fires one on either side of our town. We are very fortunate that we have been able to save almost everything .the two fires combined covered about 5000 acres 0r 2000 hectors After being up or at least alert for the past weekend I am ready for a rest and to get back to a more normal schedule. It almost seems that every time I have a weekend off I get a fire call I think I may reschedule my work shifts . I had really hoped to get a weekend ride in but I guess that will have to wait . The good thing is that we were able to protect our town and no houses in the town were lost and all the wineries were protected. the fire came to with in reaching distance of several wineries and that is where we stopped it, there were several blocks  of houses where the fire came to the edge of the yards and was stopped by the fire dept. All the guys in my dept. deserve a great thank you which they have received from many of the local residents. We are a volunteer department but we are as professional in our training and performance as any department anywhere and we are very proud of what we accomplished this weekend. To fight a raging bush fire is great but to fight 2 at the same time one on each side of your town is really something else. Right now I am decompressing with a great  Cab franc and a pinotage.   Don’t call me tonight I am out of service (well not entirely). I do hope that I can have a more normal week and that I am able to get out for a motorcycle ride more than just back and forth to work.

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2 Responses to not the slow lane

  1. Wow, kuddos to the fire department. What a you all had to do! And what a lovely picture of the singer Saige. Is she related to you? Keep living your exciting life! I enjoy reading your posts. Oh and btw Dennis and I will be grandparents for the second time this coming January. We have one grandson living in france (with parents of course and is 4 months old) and one grandson on the way. It’s been a long time coming but we are FINALLY in that stage of life. None of the grandkids live near us so far but we are enjoying our visits so much!

  2. sorry I meant to say “What a huge and dangerous job you had to do..”

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