June 14

The month is half over and it just seems to zoom past ,this is supposed to be the slow lane I don’t know what people in the fast lane are doing. last week I was at the BC Fire Chiefs convention and got lots of good information about how to improve as a Chief. On Saturday Deb and I went for a motorbike ride down to the US of A for about 5 hours.( this is going to make a great story later ) When we got married I told Deb we would have adventures and again this was an adventure (just a small one) I don’t know how it happened, but my bike had been in the shop and when we were way south I ran out of gas : no problem just switch to reserve and you have another 25 miles (there is no gas gauge) the only problem was that the tank was already on reserve. I don’t know how it got switched to reserve but there it was, fortunately we were only about 4 blocks to a gas station and along came some farm boys and gave me a push to the gas station which is where I realized I didn’t have my wallet so the farm boys went back to where Deb was waiting and got $20 and brought it back to me ( these were absolutely great guys)   only to find the gas station wouldn’t take Canadian money, so after offering to buy $15 for $20 to anyone in the gas station I got a taker and got my gas and was on my way. That person actually made a buck on the deal but I was happy. the rest of the trip was uneventful just a great day to be out riding.  Today I installed a bunch of parts That I ordered. For Deb’s bike I installed Cobra highway bars, they look great , and for my bike I got driving lights which took some time to get installed but everything is complete. I worked at the winery for a while yesterday but took off early and went to another for a tasting and bought a mixed case then took Saige out for dinner to the restaurant she works at, and bonus we got a discount on an absolutely fabulous dinner. My bike is looking better all the time


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