I missed the month of May

I have no excuse other than I have run out of things to say or else I am just too unmotivated (lazy) to post things on my blog. I started this several years ago to kind of stimulate my brain and to share with some family and friends what was going on in my life. From time to time the focus of the blog has been on what ever I have been interested in or involved in at the time. last year I bought a motorcycle and I have been more or less focused on that although I am still very involved in the Fire dept. as Deputy Chief, and with driving the school bus, and with working at the wine shop doing wine tastings and tours, and getting our garden planted . There doesn’t seem like a lot of time for blogging but I am sure I could be doing much better than I am. After my crash I did finally get another motorbike actually almost the same as the last one just a different color it is now in the shop getting a check over to make sure everything is ok. I have been riding it for about a month and just want to make sure it is running right.I have also ordered a number of accessories for it and some for Deb’s bike as well. I have been a little more nervous when I am riding but I am sure I will get over that as soon as I can get some time to get out riding. The winery that I work at has a number of exceptional wines this year so I am stocking up before they are sold out . 2 of our favorites are Sauvignon Blanc , and Cabernet Franc.  We also have a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Melbec   called “stones throw” which just won a double gold at the all Canadian wine competition.The Cabernet Franc won a gold medal, so we are stocking up on good wine for the winter. We have been having a fair number of visitors so we are always trying to get some new wine to share that doesn’t cost too much. We have our usual June rain right now but the forecast is for hot dry weather to start this weekend. I am off to the Fire Chiefs convention next week and am looking forward to some of the workshops, actually the convention is here so I am not off very far  🙂  just not working and probably not blogging till it is over .

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