Time for an update

There has been so much going on that I really haven’t had time to post things here. First there was a busy spring break and after that was Easter. The weather was great for the Easter weekend and I went for a great ride which unfortunately ended in a crash. I survived with only some minor pain and damaged pride my bike however did not fair as well. I did manage to ride home thanks to bungee cords and cargo straps but the damage is quite bad and it seems the insurance will probably write it off. I am searching for another bike but don’t have a lot of extra money to add to what the insurance will pay out. At the same time we had to get a new clutch put in Deb’s truck and new tires and a new washer and dryer. Everything seems to come at the same time. I have my MG up for sale on a lot and hopefully it  will sell right away if we get some warm weather. It has been warm but this week it has cooled off and today it is raining and of course I have to walk. Life is a constant adventure . The up side of my motorcycle adventure is that I can look for a new to me bike, shopping is always fun I have a couple lined up to look at this weekend. Fortunately we haven’t run out of wine so maybe this weekend we will do a wine night with our usual friends. I would put up some pictures of the bike but it doesn’t show except in close-ups of the various parts. Just something more to add to my life story

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