middle of the month

Wow sometimes the days seem to fly past, not that I am really doing anything but it seems that the day is over before I know it. I have managed to get out and do a couple of motorcycle rides in fact last weekend I went for 100k which is not bad for me here at this time of year. I took the bike to the shop for a spring tuneup on Saturday and got everything ready for the new riding season. My son Darin and his wife came up from the coast for a short visit mainly to see the new babies but they had time for a visit with us Sunday afternoon. Monday was a provincial holiday (family day) so our usual group of wine friends got together for a tasting at Fairview Cellars. We had a great time with the owner ,Bill Eggert he gave us a special tasting of wines that he was not ready to release and we all talked about our philosophy of wine. It was sort of a going away celebration for our friend Jamie who is leaving to be the winemaker and vineyard manager at a small winery in another town about 3 hours away. After the wine tasting we headed over to visit our friend Steevely  who is about to open a new craft distillery called Dubh Glas . we were there to test the pre release Gin that he is going to make. I don’t usually drink gin but this was very good . afterwards we all came back to our house for some food and to retaste  some of the wine we bought. All in all a great weekend . Since it has been a short work week it is the weekend again already and I hope to get out for another ride. by the way happy Valentine’s day to anyone who has read this far  🙂  As an interesting side thought this is post #500 I was not sure how long I would keep doing this when I started .

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