Christmas Party weekend

This past weekend we ended up going to 3 Christmas parties, it just happened that all the parties happened at the same weekend too bad we couldn’t have spread them out a bit.  Friday night we went to the Christmas party for the town as the management reps for the Fire dept. It was a very casual party lots of people in jeans including me. Since I am a wine drinker and this is supposed to be the wine capital of Canada I was a little disappointed that they had a cardboard box of red wine from an unknown location.  I did win a jar of candy for correctly guessing how many candies were in the jar so the night was not a total loss and there was food .  On Saturday Deb went shopping  for the day with her daughter and left me home to look after a couple of grand kids so by the time the evening came I was ready for party number 2 which was her company party. This is a wine company so we had a good selection of wine which I did my best to empty. There was good food and music and the table we were at closed the party and then headed for the local pub to close it as well. After a few short hours of sleep Deb headed to Penticton for a rehearsal of the musical Sweeny Todd and I headed to the fire hall for the fire kids Christmas party . This is a party for the firemen’s kids and grand kids and there were lots of them there.

15866_10152982323968628_4187506055688041267_n  10407928_10152982324028628_3376439038724310889_n

Santa came and all the kids got really great presents, food and games and then I went to Deb’s son’s house for dinner . This was a busy but fun weekend and I still have a couple of parties to go to and this is the last week of driving for this year.  Next up is the Christmas Fire truck, stay tuned for information and pictures

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