Wine Friday on Saturday

Everyone was busy on Friday so we had our wine day on Saturday evening all the usual suspects came over for a relaxing evening after a busy week. I had special bus trips all week so I was ready for a relaxing evening, one of our friends is busy renovating a “new to her” house everyone else has just been busy with work. We started the evening with some Chardonnay and then moved to reds. We started with a 2009 Syrah from Thornhaven  and then a Cabernet Sauvignon from Cedar creek and a French one that someone took the label off before I could write it down. They weren’t trying to hide the name it was just that the label came off easy and someone wanted the bottle to use for their own wine that is almost ready to bottle and she is short of bottles. We had a variety of appetizers to go with the wine. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to open the one bottle that I wanted to try. One of our friends who is a vineyard manager and works with Deb makes her own wine and it is always very good. She has been in the grape and wine business for quite a long time now and takes her time making some really great wine a bottle of which she brought along for the evening. I will have to try it sometime this week. Good friends, good wine, good food, good times.

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