Wonderful November

We are having a fantastic month It has been totally dry so I have been able to be out riding my motorbike. I have noticed something very interesting this year, many of the vines in the vineyards and trees in the orchards are still covered in leaves. All the leaves on the trees in my yard have fallen, well most of them have fallen there are always a few that don’t fall. but  out in the orchards especially apple orchards the trees have their leaves still on and a lot  of the vineyards are the same. Yesterday it was -3c and clear, it was so nice out that I just had to go out for a motorbike ride it was great to be out riding.


Today I had to go down to Osoyoos to the NK’mip winery to check out some wine. Deb works for Constellation brands and NK’mip  is part of their group and the company allows their employees to purchase wine at a good discount at  Christmas and we wanted to try some before we got a case because you have to buy the wine by the case. Anyway I decided to ride down and again it was a great day for a ride. I get all bundled up in my winter stuff and stay toasty warm. I wore my snowboarding pants and they work great. The weather forecasters say it’s going to snow on the weekend and I have an appointment to get snow tires put on Debs car on Saturday. If it does snow I just hope it isn’t as much as Buffalo got this week.

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