Wow this month is really going by fast!  Halloween  came and went in a flash, I didn’t dress up this year and some of the kids who came by were disappointed but we just weren’t in the mood for it this year. We did get some of our own children and grand children here for their supply of candy.  The other big event was the Fire Dept. fund raising event the “Fireball” .This year the theme of our skit was super heroes against the super villains. As well as a dinner and dance which were both great along with the skit we have a raffle with the grand prize of $10,000. After buying tickets for 15 years I have still to win a prize. The draw is done in reverse with the first ticket drawn out winning a small prize then every 25th ticket winning a prize and the last 3 tickets winning prizes and the very last winning the grand prize. We draw tickets throughout the evening with the final draw at midnight which helps to keep the crowd from leaving early. The weather has been great with hardly any rain and now the grape harvest is almost complete. Deb has finished maturity testing for harvest and is moving on to some of the winter testing that the technical team does in the various vineyards. There are always things for me to do in the Fire dept. to keep busy along with my bus driving but I have managed to sneak in some time for motorcycle riding. Last weekend I went down to the US for a ride for about 5 hours and covered about 250K which doesn’t seem to be a lot of miles but I was just out for a cruise to look at the changing colors and to get out on the roads. The really great thing about riding for me is that I can’t or don’t think about anything other than riding down the road. None of the other things in life are in my thoughts just the enjoyment of life in that moment, and staying alive and out of the way of car drivers who are all out to kill the motorcyclists. There is a good breeze today so almost all the leaves are off the trees which means I will have to go out this week to rake them up. If it rains I won’t have to rake but I won’t be able to ride, if it stays sunny I can ride but will have to spend the time raking either way it looks like I’m not going to get much riding done this week.

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