Good day for a ride

It is interesting how my focus has changed from driving my MG (which is still for sale) to riding my motorcycle. I wasn’t working at the winery today, I was supposed to drive the bus for a field trip which was canceled at the last minute so I had a free day so I went for a ride for a couple of hours. When I am out riding the motorcycle I am totally focused on riding and the surrounding environment so it is a great way to put all those other things out of my mind. Perhaps it is because I haven’t been riding all that long but I don’t think or worry about anything but what is going on right there at that moment, everything else is put away in some other compartment. I had ridden to the winery on Sunday and on the way home discovered a problem with what I thought was the carburetors so I called a friend who is a motorcycle mechanic and he came and looked it over. The problem turned out to be a sticky float which he repaired . It is great to have friends who can help you when you have a problem. Unfortunately I don’t  have any skills that are useful for helping out stranded people unless they need a bus driver, are on fire, or need to know which wine to have for dinner.




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