another great long weekend

I am back to work after a great weekend. Actually the summer was pretty good even though we didn’t get away anywhere we had lots of fun after getting our motorcycles. The weekend started with “wine Friday ” which is a wine get together with a bunch of vineyard and winery people and has expanded to include some biker friends and a distiller. It was a great party out on our deck. Saturday morning I had to serve samples of wine and sell sell sell at the farmers market. We have to be there at 7am to set up and the market closes at 1pm. I rode my motorcycle down and it was cool in the morning and threatening to rain in the afternoon,  later in the afternoon Deb and I went for another ride. On Sunday we went for a ride and then called Deb’s friend to go for another ride with us. Later on Sunday Dale and Elaine came for a visit and we had a BBQ and Keven and Ashley came as well. On Monday we Road our bikes and Dale and Elaine followed in their car we went to Debs vineyard so the could see where all the good wine comes from.10599558_10204459181621688_3701056989961828923_n

later we got into sorting old pictures  and sending them to the various children who should have them .Later on Monday Tara came by to visit and update us on her life and get updated on ours. Tuesday we started to wind  down with a great  BBQ by Dale now we ate trying to get into our regular routine for fall, Deb is starting to test for harvest which started on Tuesday so she will be busy for the next 2 months and I have lots of new kids to pick up in the bus as well as weekends at the winery.

some pictures we found 1987& 2014 then and now

first motorcycle    motorcycle with rob   

Biker  Bob on the deck




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