It could be time for us

This week the last child that actually LIVED in our  house left for university. Now when I say that she was the last one living here what I mean is that she had a full time physical presence here. There are a number of others that have a presence here in that we have their possessions stored here. There are more cloths here that belong to other people than there are belonging to me. The biggest decision we have to make at this point is what kind of renovation or reorganization we are going to make in the house now that there are only the two of us here. We have several things in mind that we would like to do now that we are on our own. It will take us some time to get reorganized but, as sad as we are to see the last one go we are excited to see what new adventure we can have. It could be time to spend time on just us. After spending our lives putting children first and providing for them and driving them wherever they needed to be taken we are looking forward to our new status. It seems strange to be able to plan things without first checking to see what plans the kids have. Onward to the new adventure     

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