Friday night party

On Fri . night we had a party, it was Deb’s birthday last week so we celebrated that and we were also celebrating the purchase of her new motorcycle a Honda VTX 1300 and the purchase of a new motorcycle by her friend Sylvia  hers is a Piagio, so we had 3 things to be happy about. We had about 15 people and we are all involved in growing grapes in various vineyards and quite a few of us also ride motorcycles so there was lots of shop talk. Everyone brought something to eat and drink, there was lots of comparisons of the different wines that were brought most of which were home-made by the people there who actually grow the grapes.  These are not wines that you can get anywhere else and were really great. As well as the great food I tried to entertain everyone by Sabering a bottle of bubbly, successful in one shot . Unfortunately I can’t  upload the video to the blog but it is on Facebook so you can see that it actually happened. The rest of the weekend for me was  working at the winery Deb was out for a ride on Sunday hopefully one of these soon days it will be my turn to get a bike.

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