Life goes on

I have been very busy with a lot of life and just don’t seem motivated to post anything on my blog. School finished this week so Thursday was the last day for me to drive the school bus. last weekend I planned to go on a camping trip and headed south only to have the motorhome break down. Not a happy camper, came back home on Saturday to find that I had missed a house fire. Firemen don’t like to miss fires. There has been lots going on but nothing really newsworthy, I suppose that this is why I call it the slow lane. The weather has warmed up but we have had our usual June rain. You can tell when the cherries are almost ripe because then it rains also there are lots of ” pickers” in town. We are in the midst of an expansion at the fire hall to add an additional bay to hold 2 trucks it is going well and should be ready to use next month. I am going to be selling my MG Midget, if anyone wants or knows someone who wants a 1976 MG with collector plate status let me know. I ma planning to put up an add next week

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1 Response to Life goes on

  1. Anonymous says:

    If it was me I would never sell the MG. If you have a motorcycle kicking around I would get rid of that. There is no room for a dog on a cycle………Your Bro.

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