Back to work

I started back to work at the Riverstone winery last weekend. We are off to a great start for the summer season. We don’t enter very many competitions usually just 3 that we feel are meaningful, at the all Canadian wine competition we won a Gold for our Pinot Gris, and Gold for our Cab.Franc . What is really meaningful to us is that we won medals for the previous vintages as well so we feel we are on track to consistent wines. the other wine that we are really happy with is our Melbec Rose’ ,this is a unique wine for us ,it is cold soaked for 2 days then fully pressed giving it all the flavours of a big red melbec but it looks like a rose’ till you taste it then it is like a big red served chilled . OK I am ready to go taste some more, I am getting caught up on the weeks that I couldn’t drink any wine. We are  getting ready for the “Half corked marathon” it is a 18k run where the participants stop at wineries along the route to sample wines and then a wine tasting party at the finish line. we are on the route so we will be busy pouring as well as having the wine shop open liking forward to some fun.

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