after a holiday weekend

I had a long weekend off and had a variety of events. Deb had to work on Friday because working on a vineyard is farming and you have to work when there are things that have to be done so I had a quiet day on my own doing some cleanup and checking on the motorhome. My youngest son Darin and his wife came up for a visit for the weekend. On Saturday we got off to a slow start and then had a long shopping trip to the US and didn’t get back home till evening. On Sunday we had some of the grandkids come to hunt Easter eggs in the back yard the weather was great so we stayed out side and made hot dogs for everyone. Monday was a work day for Deb but I was scheduled for another day off. That was until 6:30 when I got a fire call I was gone for the next 8 hours and came home very tired and my throat was in tough shape from the smoke and talking loud (shouting). here is a short video of me in action. I was using the hose until some more firefighters came to take over so I could go back to my usual job of supervising. We have a great team of firefighters who really know what they are supposed to do and yesterday they did a great job.

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