It’s been a while

This is the worst year I have had for blogging I just can’t get around to writing something down. There have been lots of things going on but most of them are private, I an not one of those who put all their private stuff on the internet however there is one huge stress gone so I am trying to relax and get on with life. The last child living in the house is currently trying to decide which university to go to in the fall it is down to U of Toronto or UBC , they have both offered scholarships in voice so we will wait and see what she decides in the mean time she is continuing to sing in the festival competitions and concerts. I have been very busy preparing for our firefighters training seminar that takes place on the first weekend of May. At this time we have 325 firefighters registered for the training weekend and we have been busy constructing buildings for the various events. We set this up and have 24 events going on simultaneously all of them are hand on training (no classrooms) there are 5 live fire events where the participants get trained to fight fires by putting out real fires, then we have sessions on vehicle stabilization and extrication, fitness competition, building search, rescue competition , driving skills. and lots more and it is exhausting fun. every firefighter gets to go to 10 of the 24 events. I was down at our training ground today measuring out the driving skills course and had my buddy(dog) Rex with me he loves to go down there to run around. today he jumped out of the truck and caught one of his toenails on the running board and pulled it out I didn’t notice as he just ran around like he usually does till I called him to go then I saw all the blood on his foot so off to the vet for a check up he is going to be fine as long as he doesn’t lick it too much. if he does he gets the cone, poor guy. I think I felt worse than he did.  Deb is busy cruising  the vineyards on her quad checking for bud damage and looking for cutworms and whatever else is going on right now, it is a busy time for her. We were out on the weekend to an anniversary celebration for some friends their kids sprung for a big party for their friends ( I wish for kids like that) Ok last night I opened one of the 2 first bottles of Quinta Ferreira 2008 merlot that came off the bottling line I am still holding the other for another special occasion I am finishing the first one tonight and it is really great I am not sharing .

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